Does Spirit Airlines Charge for Pets?

spirit airlines pet charges

Fly with your pet at a minimum and affordable price with amazing Spirit Airlines

When things come to travel to your favorite spot become too excited and especially when you fly via air. But if you are a pet lover and can’t keep away your pet from your eyes for a little second, then it can be a little bit tough for you. Well, every airline’s carrier provides pet carrying facility and Spirit airlines are one among those where you can take your favorite pet along with you on varied destinations. But there are some rules and restrictions prescribed by the Spirit airlines need to know before booking a flight ticket.

What is the Spirit Airlines pet policy?

If you are traveling with your pet for the first time, then follow the below steps:

  1. Your pets must be older than 7 weeks.
  2. Make sure that your pet is not ill and suffering from any disease.
  3. Maximum 2 pets in 1 carrier are allowed for per passenger and carrier should be comfortable and clean.
  4. The container does not exceed the size more than 18-inch length, 14-inch width, and 9-inch height.
  5. Provide the proper room for your pet to stand and turn around the carrier.

Does Spirit charge for pets?

Spirit airlines only allow taking small pets during the journey such as dog, birds, and cats. Every pet’s weight should not exceed the 40lbs in weight including the carrier. Passengers can carry 2 pets inside the flight whether it’s domestic or international. Pet fee is including a carrier which is the $4 to $11 for each way and you can also read the pet charges information on the official Spirit airlines website.

How much to fly a dog on Spirit?

Are you thinking to carry your dog during the travel in Spirit airlines? Then you can without much of stretch fly with your dog. But you should need to pay some extra charges for your dog under the Spirit airlines pet policy. The fare is varying as per destinations and also depends on your carrying dog. If you are carrying a dog on Spirit airlines, then you should need to pay $11 for each way and also need to pay some additional charges for the carrier.

If you have any kind of doubt regarding the pet policy or want to book your flight ticket with a pet, then contact with Spirit customer service team for an instant and better assistance.